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May. 18th, 2021 03:40 pm
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anthony j crowley
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✉ Player Info
Name: Connie
Player Journal: [personal profile] korofel
Contact: [plurk.com profile] vaguelysauntered, AIM: ShirouKorofel, Skype: korofel
Other characters already at University: None

✉ Character Info
Name: Anthony J. Crowley
Canon: Good Omens
Age: 20
Year: 3 of a 4 year degree

History: Crowley was born to parents who lived in a flat in Mayfair, London. He was an unusual looking child with his striking yellow, slit pupiled eyes and split tongue. Once his teeth grew in, his canines were a bit sharper and more defined than other kids his age. He was a smart child, but full of devious energy. His parents didn't really know what to do with this precocious child of theirs and so they sent him off to Bedford School, a boarding school for boys, when he was seven years old. There he learned a lot, but primarily he learned how to prank people (and not get caught by athoratative figures), especially those who picked on him for looking different from them and for occasionally hissing. They didn't pick on him for long.

When he was thirteen, he and his folks moved to the States because his father's job sent them there. Once in the US, he started going to public school instead of private school and he started slacking. His grades were slipping and it wasn't because he was unintelligent, but because he was no longer challenged. His parents had started taking an interest in him, which he wasn't used to, and he'd discovered he could change shape in an incident where he was desperatly trying to hide and not get caught. After this discovery, he began to practice transforming himself in secret, further distracting him from his studies.

He graduated high school, but only barely. In a last ditch effort to give their son an education, Crowley's parents let him choose the school and helped pave the way for him to get in. With money, mostly.

Out in the world of higher education, Crowley has managed to actually do well. He doesn't really study, but he does his work on time and gets good grades. But he also manages to pull off big time pranks. Some things never die.

Personality: This guy gives off the impression that he is someone ridiculously suave and cool, but really he's a giant dork. He hides all this sensitive crap behind a shield of nice suits and fancy cars. But the facade he puts up only barely contains his true self. It doesn't take much to scratch below the surface and see who he really is. He's the kind of person who will run into a burning building to make sure a friend isn't in there but has the creativity to prank people to frustration (but hopefully not really any harm). He's the kind of guy that, when pressed, will face his greatest fears when there's someone he needs to protect. He watches out for the little guy. He loves James Bond films and Queen and a good cocktail.

Canon: In his canon, Crowley's powers are essentially limitless. But there are some skills that seem inherently demonic about him like not being bothered by fire and being able to see in the dark. And other talents make his job on Earth easier, like hypnotism, reading a person's desires and then tempting them, and going unnoticed when he wants to be.

He also has some abilities that are left over from when he was an angel. He is able to perform miracles and also is able to heal himself and those around him, including bringing a recently deceased dove back to life.

Crowley has been know to alter reality to his will: creating things out of nothing (like creating sunglasses out of thin air), making things disappear, changing one thing into another thing (changing paint guns into real guns), and making things a bit easier for himself (like arranging things so no one gets hurt while he speeds down busy streets at 90 mph or sobering up at will from being stone drunk).

Crowley has some known shape-shifting abilities. He has in the past appeared as a snake and as an unsightly demon that can make a person faint at the mere sight of it. He has a true form, which is much like his normal one, but with feathery wings. He's also able to do things such as travel through a phone line.

AU'd: Crowley will still be able to change his shape, though the actual shifting is tiring. Once he's changed, he can stay in that shape for as long as he wants with no added physical strain, but returning to his normal shape (or changing to a different one) will tax him into unconsciousness if he does it too soon after the previous shift.

Major/Minor: Majors inAnthropology, Minors in Botany and Philosophy

Club(s): Botanical Club, GSA (though only on paper, really)

Network sample: In another time and another universe altogether...

Entrance Essay:

Additional Notes:
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A. [Phone, filtered from drones]

[After the announcement on the news, Crowley actually goes over to pick up the phone for a change.]

Er... I'm going to go into work today at Olney's Tavern. If anyone feels the need for a drink, stop on by. Today seems like a good day to get bloody pissed.

B. [Action, Olney's Tavern]

[As promised, here's Crowley behind the bar. Anyone who comes in is getting free drinks today.]
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A. [Action, 915 Bilko Boulevard, or at least what's left of it]

[Crowley wakes suddenly to find the house in rubble and his drone daughter dead. The sight of her body almost makes him ill. He looks around quickly to spot April and Kyon moments before his eyes fall on the remains of the garage. It's missing his pride and joy: the Bentley. He can't stop himself from running to the foundation of the garage and looking around uselessly, as it would change the present.]

Oh bloody hell, Mayfield. Where is my bloody car?

[Priorities, mang.]

B. [Action, around Mayfield]

[Crowley is the most displeased demon. Why did he do all that work to avert the apocalypse just to see it happen here in this town? Also, things are registering as hot to him. What the hell? It wasn't that long ago that he could be set on fire and not even break a sweat.

He's been going around Mayfield, trying to find people he likes. Giles, Loki, Grimsley, Lyn, Snipes, Mika: that means you especially. Anyone else he's met, he'll also be checking in on, but mostly after or on the way to checking in on those 6.]

Oh, good. You made it out okay...
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[Crowley's back to his usual shape. No extra curves, no extra scales. He has the day off and he's decided that he's hungry. He can't go out for lunch by himself, right?]

A. [Action: 724 Anderson, around noon]

[Here's Crowley. Here's Crowley barging into this house as if he owns the place. He has one hand shoved into a pocket and he looks as laid back as a snake sunbathing.]

Rupert? Are you in?

B. [Action: the restaurant in The Louvre Hotel, around 1]

[Crowley'd heard the food is good here, so naturally, he is drawn to it. It reminds him of all the times he and Aziraphale would dine at the Ritz, though the Ritz was infinitely better than this place. Still, this is where he and Giles can be spotted having lunch.]

Oh, come on now, it's not all that bad here.

C. [Action: Olney's Tavern, late evening]

[As always, your resident bar demon is serving up drinks. He seems to be in good spirits and not because he caused any mischief.]
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A. [Action: 915 Bilko Boulevard, morning]

[Oh look, there's a package on the porch for Crowley. Well, to be honest, Crowley picks it up with a glitter on the lenses of his sunglasses. So far, Mayfield's gifts to him have been good, so he really has no reason to be wary of this box. He takes it to the kitchen to open it and... He feels a rush of energy that tingles on his skin and knowledge dropped into his mind about what he has just regained: his ability to change his shape.

So, just to test it out, he suddenly takes the form of a snake and flicks his forked tongue in amusement. In fact to any of the residents of 915 Bilko were to walk into the kitchen, they would see a snake that gives the impression of being mighty proud of himself.]


[Oh yeah, this snake can talk.]

B. [Action: About town, afternoon]

[Crowley's trying out a different shape. He's slinking around town as a woman with raven black hair, cherry red lips, and shades. He's wearing a slinky, low-cut, white with black polka dotted pencil skirt dress and black snakeskin Louboutin stilettos. He looks like every teenage boy's wet dream: the quintessential pinup girl.

Crowley still seems rather pleased with himself, parading around town like this. Go ahead. Approach him. He won't bite. Not even you, Loki.]

C. [Action: Olney's Tavern, evening]

[Well, he's not behind the bar. He isn't allowed behind the bar tonight because he's a woman. In fact, he keeps getting disapproving looks from the patrons of the tavern.

Crowley found out he was stuck a couple hours back. It was like he forgot his favorite shape. Really, it is just a set back, though a very frustrating one. Clearly, it's been too long since he changed his shape.

He drummed his perfectly painted red fingernails on the counter before taking a sip of her Apple Crisp.]

Bollocks... I really buggered this up, didn't I?

((ooc: To anyone selecting B or C, I will be responding with [livejournal.com profile] eyesofafemsnake so I can use the pretty icons.))
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A. [Action: 915 Bilko Boulevard]

[Okay, so maybe he feels guilty for that whole trying to eat you thing last week. Crowley gets up early to make a Full English [breakfast] for April and Kyon. How he got his hands on black pudding is anybody's guess, but there it is. He serves up breakfast for three, seemingly pleased with the outcome.]

B. [Action: Olney's Tavern]

[Being bored is a bad thing for a demon with access to countless liters of alcohol. He's managed to get all the drones in the bar intoxicated enough to loosen up. Bar games are afoot! Crowley overseeing a freshly minted beer pong table and it's virgin game, making sure the drones are playing the game right. He's also managed to get a raucous game of Asshole started at the table near the middle of the bar.]
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Backdated to Sunday

A. [Action: Wherever the hell he finds Lyn]

[Crowley is heading into work in his Bentley when he sees... Well, a bunch of what looks like people staggering around. In the middle of the road, even. They don't really look to be in the best of shape. And then he sees a few clustered around a familiar blonde head. He frowns. This doesn't seem right at all and the hairs on the back of his neck are standing on end. He rolls down the window.]

Lyn! Need a hand?

B. [Action: 915 Bilko Boulevard]

[After having taken a bite to the neck, Crowley isn't feeling very well. At least the bleeding stopped...]

C. [Action: About town]

[OH HEY LOOK. It's a Crowley zombie. He doesn't looks terribly happy. And maybe a little hungry.]

There's seriously no cure for this bullshit?
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A. [Action: 915 Bilko Boulevard]

[OH LOOK A PACKAGE FOR CROWLEY. It's kind of small. And unlike the last time, it has a bit of weight and there's a noise inside... Like that of jingling keys... He tears open the box and pulls out his car keys. The Bentley. He dashes to the garage with uncommon haste and almost lets out a whoop of joy as his eyes fall on his vintage 1926 Bentley. See this, this is the happiest demon in the world.

Crowley slips into the driver's seat (on the right side mind!) and caresses the steering wheel as if it is a lover. After a couple minutes just appreciating sitting in his wonderful, beloved car he looks around the dash. He lets out a short bark of glee as he pulls out a pair of Ray-Bans. They almost immediately go onto his face.

He almost feels whole now.

He slips out of the car just a moment to open the garage. When he gets back in, he slides the key into the ignition and starts her up. The engine purrs to life just the same as if it just rolled off the lot. And as soon as the power feeds to the mp3 player, Bohemian Rhapsody blares over the speakers.

He grins like a satisfied serpent.]

B. [Action: About Town]

[Crowley can bee seen driving about town in his vintage black Bentley. The windows are rolled down and either Queen or Velvet Underground can be heard from the fantastic speakers in the Bentley. Or maybe it just happens to be a classical piece. Feel free to stop him. Or race. He likes that too.]

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[Well, Crowley and April agreed to alternate days on who drinks the milk (after much debate/arguing).]

[Day 1: Extra Fortified Poison | Action - 915 Bilko Boulevard]

[Crowley drinks the milk down and almost immediately starts to feel sick. Sweat starts beading on his brow.]

Bollocks, I don't think that milk was good...

[Day 3: Razor Blades | Action - 915 Bilko Boulevard]

[He starts to drink the milk hesitantly and stops moments later, a loud expletive leaving his lips. He spits out a razor blade.]

This is bloody insane.

[He grabs a strainer a bowl, straining out the milk into it. There are at least twenty more blades in the strainer when he's done, but he finishes up the milk this time without much trouble.]

[Day 5: Hormone Free Milk | Action - Olney's Tavern]

[Crowley is irritably drying glasses.]

The next person who orders a Manhattan is getting it dumped on their lap.
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[Crowley's feeling the sting of being away from London today. He misses his flat. He misses dining at the Ritz. He misses feeding the ducks at St. James Park. He misses his car. And though he would ever be reluctant to say it, he misses Aziraphale. And he misses doing all those things with the angel. Now that he's been pulled away from his life, he's starting to realize just how much of it was a comfort he relied on.

[He feels as if his foundation has been cracked today. He feels unsteady on his feet. He misses his good friend dearly and he's quite aware that none of the connections he's made here in Mayfield can even remotely compare to the angel. He knows he's thinking too much about this, but he doesn't have his pal to pull him out of his thoughts and back into the real world.]

A. [Action - 915 Bilko Boulevard]

[Crowley's quieter than usual this morning, just sipping his coffee and staring blankly at the front page of the newspaper without really reading it.]

B. [Action - Around Town]

[Crowley's walking to work today, having left his homemade skateboard at home. His hands are stuffed in his suit pockets and his shoulders are sagged.]

C. [Action - Olney's Tavern]

[Normally Crowley is doing his best to introduce the drones (and residents, for that matter) to a wider variety of cocktail than they tend to order. But today he's just quietly serving up everything ordered without complaint.]
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[Crowley opens the front door, finding a package with his name on it. What the hell? When he picks it up, he's startled by how light it is. It feels empty. Well, he brings it inside and sets it on a table to open it. Nope, it's empty. Who sends empty packages?

But then he catches sight of his reflection in a decorative mirror and he stops and stares.

His eyes!

His eyes are yellow with slit pupils, reminiscent of a serpent instead of the bright green human eyes. He can't help but grin at himself. He flicks his tongue out, tasting the air like a snake. Brilliant.]

A. [Action: Around Town]

[Crowley is in a wonderful mood, skateboarding through town on his homemade skateboard. He's again in his usual suit and Converse, his tie flapping as he travels a long.]

B. [Action: Olney's Tavern]

[Crowley's behind the bar, drying glasses with a towel and occasionally making drinks. Why yes, he is in fact attempting to get the drones in there to try cocktails that haven't been invented yet.]

It's called an appletini. It's delicious.
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A. [Action: Sidewalks of Town]

[All these confessions have Crowley weirded out. So he's going for a stroll. He can be found all about town.]

B. [Action: Olney's Tavern]

[Crowley's off duty and sitting at a table nursing a Manhattan.]

((ooc note: Crowley's at Level 2. Come talk to him and watch him get increasingly uncomfortable at his lack of ability to deceive.))
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A. [Action: Johnathon's Tools]

[Crowley can be seen buying plywood, sand paper, varnish, and some tools. He looks a bit preoccupied and slightly devious.]

B. [Action: In Front of 915 Bilko Boulevard]

[He is sitting on the porch sanding a slightly ovular board. He's smiling like a cat who's gotten his cream.]

C. [Action: About Town]

[The results! Crowley can be on his newly built skateboard. He's wearing his suit and a pair of black All-Stars. He seems to be an old pro at this and even does a couple tricks with his tie flapping in the wind.]
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A. [Action: Jonathon's Tools]

[Crowley can be seen in the gardening department holding a green plastic plant mister. He has an evil little glint in his eye and a smile on his lips. He is looking forward to menacing some house plants.]

B. [Action: Bilko Boulevard, heading to house number 915]

[Now he's walking down the street whistling and with a cheerful bounce in his step. Those house plants don't know what they'll be in for.]

C. [Action: 915 Bilko Boulevard]

[Crowley starts to talk to the house plants as he spritzes them with the plant mister. He puts the fear of God into them. Or more accurately, the fear of Crowley.]
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[Action: locked to 915 Bilko Boulevard]

[Crowley likes sleeping. He likes it rather a lot, actually. But something is nagging at the back of his mind. Something isn't right. Perhaps it is the warm body next to him.

Wait... Warm body? How drunk did he get last night and why didn't he sober up before he went to sleep?

He sits up slowly, rubbing his temples as he does so.]

Angel, we really need to sober up fir---

[He finally opened his eyes and looks over at the form beside him. Small. Female. Red hair. That is not Aziraphale. It would be odd enough if it had been the angel. He backs away from the strange woman and scoots right off the bed, taking some of the covers with him. What the hell is this tripe?

A mirror near his landing spot catches his attention. What is he wearing? He slowly looks up to his own eyes and freezes in shock.

Green. Green and human eyes, entirely familiar, but extremely alien looks back at him. He touches his face to make sure that is really himself in the mirror.

It is.]


[Phone Call: Unfiltered]

[He's been trying to keep his voice calm, but he is entirely unsettled by those green eyes looking back at him. His voice is the picture of cool, however. It was so laid back, you roll out a beach towel on it and sunbathe.]

Could somebody tell me if Azira--- Mr. Fell is somewhere in this town?
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{ Continued from here. }

[Crowley shivers ever so slightly under the gentle touches of the angel. A breathy little moan escapes his lips between kisses.]

Oh, my Angel...

Voice Mail

May. 4th, 2011 08:49 pm
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[The phone rings until it switches to voice mail. Then there's Crowley's relaxed voice.]

Hi. This is Anthony Crowley. Uh. I'm probably not in right now, or asleep, and busy, or something, but leave a message after the tone and I'll get right back to you. Ciao.


((If you need to contact Crowley for any reason, including plotting and the like, please leave a comment here. Also please state which RP you're contacting me about. XD Comments are screened.))
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CHARACTER NAME: Crowley (sometimes Anthony J. Crowley)

This is the permissions list for OOC (out of character), activity.
Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no", as well as additional information if desired.

Backtagging: Always.
Threadhopping: Certainly.
Fourthwalling: Preferably not.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Nothing's too offensive.

This is the permissions list for IC (in-character), activity.
Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no", as well as additional information if desired. With IC permissions, it's a good idea to elaborate on what other players can expect from your character if they choose to do any of the following:

Hugging this character: If you're a certain angel, by all means. If not, He's going to be very bemused.
Kissing this character: Again, Aziraphale is welcome to. Others will be met with confusion.
Flirting with this character: He may flirt back. ;)
Fighting with this character: He'd rather avoid a physical fight, but he's all for having words with someone.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): He can be injured. And injured pretty badly.
Killing this character: I'd rather not kill him. The Bureaucracy in Hell to get a new body is a pain in the ass.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: He doesn't like it, but he's had information dropped in his mind before.
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★ IC Permissions

☆ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: It really depends on who you are. If you're Aziraphale, anything you do is golden. Anyone else, affection will probably not be welcomed.
☆ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: He's ready for a fight, but he'd really rather avoid it if he can.
☆ RELATIONSHIPS: Crowley needs love. ;3;
☆ PSYCHIC & PSIONIC INFORMATION: He can do a few things: hypnotism, sense desires, and the like. He has strong walls built around himself, so he will be resistant.
☆ MAGICAL INFORMATION: Crowley has lots of magics of his own, so again, Crowley will be resistant.
☆ MEDICAL INFORMATION: Medicine? What's that?
☆ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: He doesn't care too much of his own kind (demons) and angels at this point. Discussions of his world make him uncomfortable. And thinking of Aziraphale makes him upset. But really talk about anything around him.

★ OOC Permissions

☆ FOURTHWALLING: Meh. Only if it's an in-game event?
☆ DO NOT WANT: To be tagless?

☆ ANYTHING ELSE? Not that I can think of atm.

★ First Impressions

☆ VISUAL: He is young-looking and handsome (a bit like Johnny Depp). He appears to have expensive taste in clothing. And he always hides his eyes behind sunglasses (unless otherwise stated, of course).
☆ AURAL: He has a smooth voice and a Londoner's accent.
☆ OLFACTORY: He smells faintly of blood. It's worse if he just came from his world.
☆ DEMEANOUR: Crowley used to be proud, but now loss follows very close behind him. He's a man with nothing left to lose.